by Ana Huertas from Red de Transición.

Community Catalysts for Regenerative Development, Community Catalysts for Regenerative Development, is a European project that seeks to research and enhance the capacity of rural communities to face the systemic challenges of climate change and territorial regeneration.

After a year of work, the international team met in Hungary this September to evaluate the research and continue with the next steps. Ana Huertas from Red de Transición has participated in the project. 

The main objective of Community Catalysts for Regenerative Development is to create a pioneering training for people who want to be community catalysts for resilience in their rural regions. To do this, it uses tools and activities of participatory action research, citizen participation and the co-creation of public policies.

The research component was carried out between April and July 2019 using participatory action research methodologies, both to collect and analyze the results. Thus, a total of 46 in-depth interviews were conducted. There were also two participatory community meetings in the 4 peripheral rural regions of Europe:

  • Atlantic coastal Europe (Algarve, Portugal)
  • Mediterranean alpine zone (La Garrotxa, Spain)
  • Mediterranean insular Europe (Madonie, Sicily)
  • Continental flat zone (Ecséd, Hungary)

For the materials design component, the team spent a week in Hungary, between Verocë and Budapest, to work on the results of the investigation. Also, to start designing what will become the project training and the materials to deliver it.

The team will now work on developing the training for community catalysts and will therefore soon share more news about the possibilities of participating in the project.

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