Guidelines for trainers


These guidelines consist of a collection of theoretical frameworks and learning materials and are an intellectual product of the Erasmus + Key Action 2 project # 2018-2-HU01-KA205-048031 “Community Catalysts: Toolkit and Training for regenerative development professionals “.

These guidelines are informed through a participatory action research (RIP) process that was carried out in four bioregions of peripheral Europe, including the rural bioregions of the Atlantic Coast, the Alpine Mediterranean, the Insular Mediterranean and the Continental plan. During the PAR process, the four United Nations sustainable development goals (SDGs 6, 13, 14, 15) related to the biosphere were mapped and assessed in terms of their situation. as well as in terms of the local strategies used to achieve these goals. The PAR report complements these guidelines and is linked together to the Community Catalyst Toolkit, a resource that supports bioregional communities to carry out effective regenerative development planning and practice.

The Guidelines, like the rest of the project’s productions, have been co-developed by a team of activist researchers, facilitators and educators working locally in Hungary (Profilantrop Association), Catalonia (Resilience Earth), Portugal (Projecto Novas Descoberta and Orla Design) and Italy (Palma Nana), along with two international networks (Gaia Education and Transition Network).

The Catalytic Community for Regenerative Development has produced results for engaging the Heart, Head and Hands at the same time, but with a more important focus on one of these learning processes. As such, these Guidelines and the previous PAR report are written to involve the head learning process or intellectual learning process, introducing theoretical frameworks. The Toolkit features hands-on, or more practical, learning processes, introducing tools to use and adapt communities at different scales. For the Choir, you are invited to start your journey with a history of change…

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