GAIA EDUCATION is a leading edge provider of sustainability education, which has been working since 2006 to promote thriving communities within planetary boundaries in 54 countries. Gaia Education provides students of all ages and cultural backgrounds with knowledge and skills to design thriving societies. We teach our students how to use energy and resources with greater efficiency, distribute wealth equitably, and make quality of life the focus of future thinking. Our learners become Changemakers, capable of playing active roles in transitioning their communities to sustainable and regenerative practices, lifestyles and infrastructures.

RESILIENCE EARTH is a non-profit “change management” cooperative of researchers, community engagement workers and regenerative development technicians dedicated to strengthening community resiliency, ecological sustainability and social economy in rural communities. We accompany communities, organisations, & institutions, so that they can become more effective agents and catalysts of social and ecological change.Our areas of work are:
1. Community Resilience – to develop a stronger culture and practice of ecosocial resilience in communities and organisations.
2. Regenerative Development – to accompany civil society and public administrations as they identify their collective needs and propose strategies & actions to meet these needs.
3. Social Solidarity Economy – to pioneer and support the creation of social solidarity economy networks & initiatives.
4. Transformative Communication & Governance – to train and counsel clients in how to generate ecosocial transformation through their internal and external communication & governance practices.

The PROFILANTROP ASSOCIATION applies innovative techniques and technologies to fight for social and environmental sustainability using an integrative, interdisciplinary, systemic approach combined with participatory methods.  The main goal of Profilantrop is to raise the environmental awareness, strengthen the independence and self-esteem of local communities to find a way to a responsible, sustainable and peaceful lifestyle. Empowerment is a cornerstone in our work, incorporating the creativity and skills of the people in finding solutions to their problems – instead of waiting for the help from outside. From our connections with the realities of the local level through our cooperation with experts of various background until our membership of national and international professional networks we create and represent a whole vertical structure fostering real systemic change in the society.  

The PALMA NANA cooperative was founded in 1983. It operates in the fields of environmental conservation and preservation, citizen awareness, and the promotion of scientific research. The cooperative organizes and manages activities of environmental education on behalf of the Italian Chapter of the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF). Environmental Education and Responsible Tourism are the key priorities of Palma Nana’s activities. Aiming to promote ecological awareness, the cooperative organizes didactic activities in schools, updating and training courses, seminars, exhibitions, events, summer camps for youth, nature holidays for adults, family camps and excursions in natural and urban environments.

ORLA DESIGN focus is Eco Social Regeneration. It aims to actively collaborate towards community resilience. It is a collective of socially engaged designers and educators with a regenerative and holistic nature-based approach. As many people are looking for meaningful alternatives to current lifestyles, they come together as activators of processes that enable transitions towards regenerative livelihoods.  

RED DE TRANSICIÓN is a non-profit association (NGO) of professionals dedicated to strengthening community resilience and building ecological sustainability, through the philosophy of the Transition Movement. We use participatory, creative and innovative methodologies when working with groups, organisations and municipalities, supporting them in designing and implementing the projects and activities that make the most sense for the context they live in.